Why Choose a Medic

Aesthetic treatments such as anti-wrinkle and filler injections are increasing in popularity at a rapid rate. 

It is incredibly difficult to choose where to have your procedure done with a huge range of practitioners and prices available. 

At the moment the industry is almost entirely unregulated, this means that someone with no medical training can undertake your procedure following as little as a 1 day training course. 

Your face is complex anatomically. Complications are thankfully rare but do occur. 

The best way to ensure results and reduce complication risk or ensure these complications are dealt with in a safe manner is to seek a medically trained practitioner. 

There has been some slow increase in the monitoring and study of the aesthetic industry.

​There are many very artistic, very skilled practitioners who have, with a great deal of time and experience, built up a deep understanding of the face and how to enhance it. Many have a clear dedication to their craft and continually growing that knowledge and skill.

However, the increased availability of aesthetic services such as filler, anti-wrinkle treatment and laser has started to raise some concerns. With reported complications increasing exponentially.


Currently, no laws govern this, however.


The Keogh report published in 2013 advised the government that increased regulation is needed but this has not taken place to date.

At the moment the industry is unregulated, entirely. No law holds the industry accountable.



But we are regulated 

After years of working in complex surgeries, I have come to understand consent and how to help you fully understand your procedure; to ensure you feel informed in your decision to go ahead.


As medics, we are governed by a body for instance the General Medical Council ("GMC") or The Nursing & Midwifery Council ("NMC").


This means we are traceable and accountable.


You should ask any provider for these details in advance of treatment should you wish to keep a record or ensure these are visible on any booking platform that you use.


Our experience keeps you safer

Knowledge and know-how to ensure you are treated with the appropriate treatments, safely.


The structure of your face, the layers of your skin, how it develops and changes with age and how it varies between individuals is incredibly complex.

What is in the injection, where it can be safely placed and best placed to achieve the result you desire is therefore in turn incredibly complex.

When something goes wrong


Unfortunately, no procedure will go exactly to plan in 100% of cases.


This is another reason you need to consult a medic for what are medical procedures: We train on average train 10 years + and we have not only the skills to complete complex procedures but to know exactly what to do if something does go wrong.


In my time as a Doctor, I have come up against a huge number of emergencies both expected and unexpected, from the very minor to the most life-threatening.


It is a steep learning curve and these skills take a long time and a huge amount of dedication to develop. This means however that I, and Medics like me, possess the ability to help you in the instance of complications, we will do so in line with your health and not profit.

What to consider


Aesthetics treatments mean medications being injected into your body. In some cases by someone with no medical training. These are products that should be prescribed by a doctor or nurse.


Consider whether you would take prescription medication or undergo medical procedure from someone who knows very little about you and in many cases may never have met you or assessed your needs.

Our medical licences are precious, they are evaluated yearly at which time we have to prove an ongoing commitment to learning and development and ensure that our clinical skills remain up to date and that our practice is safe.

In Summary 


We entered healthcare because we care and want to do good.

Members of the medical community continue to push for regulation for your safety.


Until then please ensure you know your practitioners' credentials, their background, qualifications, previous experience and products they are using, do not proceed if you are not comfortable.

It is your face you wear it every day, please pick a medic.


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It was my first time having botox and felt completely at ease with Sarah! Painfree treatment and great end results

Charlotte, Earlsfield