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Updated: Feb 11

Hi. I’m Sarah, Founder and Operator of Rox and Rose Aesthetics. Welcome!

I’ve been a medic for 10 years and after graduating Medicine in 2012 ( from the University in Glasgow), I began my training at The Southern General Hospital.

I quickly found an affinity with surgery. The precise skill combined with the care and consultative work with patients really appealed to me.

I fell in love with Gynaecology. It allowed me to combine that surgical care with the unique experience of delivering babies and supporting and caring for women.

Since then, I’ve trained at a variety of leading hospitals in the UK, gaining my membership of the Royal College of Obstetrics and Gynaecology.

I’ve worked hard to develop careful surgical skills, anatomical knowledge and a light touch. I have remained committed to and sought additional learning at every opportunity. I believe that patients deserve this expertise. Allowing me not only to care for them to the highest possible standard but to empower them with knowledge and facillitate them to become part of that care. A true partnership.

I made the move to London and was very fortunate to work with leading Doctors at Guy’s and St. Thomas’ enabling me to extend my Gynaecology, Obstetrics and Oncology skills. I have been very fortunate in the experiences that I have had, I have also worked incredibly hard and am very proud of my career to date.

I have loved every moment of my career in caring for women.......

However life has gotten a little busy: we welcomed a wonderfully wild spaniel called Roxy, I got married and then our beautiful, equally wild and funny baby girl Olivia Rose arrived.

I realised that after a long period of intense study I craved embracing my artistic and creative side again.

I wanted to create time to spend on people, time to get to know them, understand them, look after them, really hear them and ultimately to help them to feel good.

I also wanted to create time and room for my family to grow and to be there with them as they do.

….and, so, Rox and Rose Aesthetics was born.

Aesthetics was the perfect choice; allowing me to combine my creative side with the surgical skill and care I’ve developed from a decade working with patients.

I also believe that intimate, personal treatments should be provided with the care, consultation and knowledge of a clinician.

We combine that knowledge, expertise and light, surgical touch with treatments for lines & wrinkles and dermal filler treatments to give our patients a natural, youthful result.

Rox and Rose is a Medical Aesthetics practice, based in South West London. I wanted to base my business here as I truly fell in love with this area and want to be part of the community in every way possible. It has been the perfect choice so far and it has been a wonderful start with lovely clients.

I want to offer you a very safe, high quality Medical Aesthetics service. My aim is to take the time to listen and tailor each treatment to your wishes, aiming to achieve the natural results you deserve. I hope to provide treatment options closer to home without the travel into central London. Our service is about your care, your results; carefully planned beforehand with a personalised touch and close follow up aftercare.

We really hope to meet you soon,

Sarah x

Founder & Owner

Rox and Rose Aesthetics

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